About Us

Our story starts with a laptop and the idea, "I want to find a great gift". From there we began the search for brands that are offering awesome products - with the requirement, we only want to sell what we would buy. We are located in Jacksonville, FL and have a tight knit team that is passionate about what we do and believe in the value we bring to our customers.

We here at nicefinds.co want to create a fun and unique experience for all of our shoppers. We believe the best gifts are found where no one knows to look, which is why we work exclusively with small uncommon brands.

We are always adding new products and strive to bring you something new on a weekly bases so it is a new experience every time you come to visit us. We have something for everyone - shop for yourself, others, lovers, and friends. We organize our shop for you to easily navigate and stumble across the exact product you didn't even know you were looking for... Leaving you thinking. Hey nice find!